22 May 2010

some things I'm looking to buy...

I worked at a surf shop for several years when I first moved to the beach... and so now, a lot of my tastes turn towards the "surfer" style. And because I live at the beach, and am constantly in a bathing suit... it is important to have quite a few cute ones! Here are several bathing suits I have my eye on... I kinda think they all look really similar though. That may be because the only tops I can really wear are the halter tops because of the size of my girls :) I won't complain about it! All of them can be found at Buckle. I think they have the cutest bathing suits! Which one do you like best?

I am also planning on getting this adorable flip flops from American Eagle

and this cover up from Delia*s
and this watch from Nordstrom's

and these earrings from Francesca's


  1. I like the middle suit - it's so cute! Also love the flip flops - but for a reason - I have them too! They are really cute in person!

  2. only the 3rd suit!! the rest, not so much!

  3. I love all the bathing suits, and the sandals!