26 May 2010

a little ventilation

Seriously? 95% of the time I love my guy roommates. I honestly do! I would much rather live with 3 guys than with my boyfriend and 2 girls. We got really lucky with our roommates too. We found them on Craigs List and they turned out to be pretty great. They aren't really messy like most guys are... Brian is really the worst one when it comes to putting the dishes in the dishwasher and such... and I have no problem picking up after him... usually. :)


I am wanting to scream at the top of my lungs this week. SCREAM!!
One of the guys went away on an internship for the summer... so I am really only having to deal with 2 guys until August. However, the one that is here recently lost his job and he IS. ALWAYS. HOME. ALWAYS.

He goes to school during the day, but he is home by the time I get off work. His friends (most of which get on my nerves) have been over here every. single. day. this. week. EVERY DAY. And they stay well past my bedtime. On top of that, the majority of the time they spend out on our back porch. Well, the back porch is right next to our bedroom and I can hear every word they say, every dart thrown, every sip of beer taken. If they were inside, it would be the same problem because our room is next to the den area, as well. UGHHHHHHH!!! Yesterday and today, Brian has had to work late. So, I have been planning to come home, catch up on my blog, watch my regular TV, and hit the sack. No can do Bob.

He has set up shop on our living room couch watching the golf channel the past two days! Yesterday he didn't move an inch and I kept hoping he would offer up the TV.... but nope. I missed American Idol. I sat around waiting and waiting until 10 p.m. and then I just went on to bed. I come home today to catch up on last night's episode before the finale.... nope! He is parked there again. I am seriously gonna blow a gasket!

P.S. I am not going to blow a gasket because I am missing American Idol. I don't really care that much about that show. But, I do enjoy my "winding down after work" time and he is really cramping my style.


  1. Having roommates can get old very quickly - even when they're good people just doing what it is you're wanting to do...two nights in a row, alas. I sympathize. Anyway, I'm here from the Tuesday blog hop and your newest follower.

    Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow me too. Thanks. I like your writing style. Smile. http://hauplight.blogspot.com/

  2. well i mean you do have a tv in your room, don't you?
    i hope i win your "cool" giveaway. but i guess i'd have to at least be a follower, huh?

  3. I would be SOO angry about that! If I were you, I would have said something because that's just selfish of him. You pay rent too!!

  4. Listen "anonymous" Chapell :) People are going think you are being mean when you put "cool" in quotation marks. They are going to think you are "mocking" me instead of teasing me for still using the word cool. Secondly, you DO need to become a follower. Thirdly, yes, I have a TV in my room but I cannot watch shows like AI without DVR and having the ability to fast forward through commercials and unimportant parts of the show. And, I don't have a DVR box in my room! :)

  5. Oh you are so much nicer than me. I would be like look we need to talk now. The TV thing is annoying but having people over to all hours when you know your roomates have to work. NOT COOL. If I were you I would say something. Maybe its best to say it early in the night, that you need to get some sleep tonight and the visitors keep you up.

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  7. Following back...Thanks for visiting me!! Looks like you're going to have some fun stories to read on here!! Living with men can be tough!! ;o)