19 May 2010

giveaway and american idol

OK- so I have been thinking long and hard about what I want my giveaway to be... and I haven't had much luck coming up with any fabulous ideas. My first big paycheck (and we aren't really talking that big (we are just talking "normal sized") paycheck is coming up next Friday. And as you may or may not remember, I promised to host a giveaway when that day came. With that being said-- I plan to start the giveaway this weekend, with it ending the following weekend. I am really excited about the giveaway because I truly hope that it will bring in some more followers :) and maybe my blog won't look so sad anymore. I also want to say thanks to my new followers!! You guys are giving me hope! 

So, I am asking what YOU would like to see in a giveaway? I would love to hear your feedback! Ya know, I wanna give the people what they want!

In other news- is anyone following American Idol this year? I have been a fan of Crystal Bowersox from the beginning but every week Lee Dewyze is growing on me more and more. I have heard people say they believe Idol is rigged (and I will be the first to say I don't doubt it) and I really foresee him winning the whole shebang. His "Hallelujah" performance last night was breathtaking. I've heard people say "but yeah he had a chorus singing behind him" but don't knock him for that - he used what he had available to him to make the performance great. Other singers have used choirs in other performances and could have done so for this one, as well... so I just say that he made a smart decision! TEAM LEE ALL THE WAY!


  1. I love both Crystal and Lee so I'm so excited they're both in the final! So long Casey!

  2. I am new to reading your blog, and only wish I had an idea of something amazing for your giveaway but my brain is lacking this morning. I say give away something that you love, a copy of your favorite book or something. Since you said you want it to help you with more followers. Something that relates to you seems like a good way to find people who you would relate too and them you. Just an idea

  3. Thanks for the idea, Laura! I might just do that!