23 April 2010


HAIR - I went back to the same girl for her to put some low lights in my mess of a head. She didn't charge me but I looked exactly the same. I could tell no difference whatsoever. Frustrated--I made an appointment with the lady that does my mom's hair. The last thing I wanted to do was damage my hair so I just went back dark. It is really dark. I kind of like it though. It's different and a change... and I think this is as good a time as any for that. It will take some getting used to and I'm sure I will go back for a few highlights when my hair is healthier and has had some time to breathe.... but I'm satisfied with it for now and I'm glad I don't have to go around looking like a clown anymore. After this weekend, I will show you some before and after pics. Be ready to laugh.

JOB - I made my decision and I decided to wait it out and put my trust in the Lord that the other job (Financial Aid position) will pull through. I went with my gut instinct and I have faith that He led me to make the right decision. Now, I'm just hoping they call... and SOON.

AMERICAN IDOL - Who is your favorite? My top two are Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze. I wasn't sad to see Tim Urban go... he gave me too much of a Brady Boy/Partridge Family vibe. I will also be glad to see Siobhan Magnus go and I hope it's soon. :/

DATE NIGHT - Me & my gal Veronica went to see this movie the other day. We had a little girl date for ourselves and it was so nice. We went out for mexican and then to the movies. I thought this movie was hysterical. I really love Tina Fey (& Amy Poehler!) and Baby Mama is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. And Tina paired with Steve Carell... well, it was amazing.

A clip to make me happy ;P

CJ SPILLER - The draft was last night and, of course, my main man Spiller was drafted to the one team I did not want him to go to - the Buffalo Bills. He did not look too happy about the decision either. I mean, who would? It's BUFFALO. I still admire the heck outta that player and I will pull for him no matter who he plays for... but I just hope the Bills give him the chance to shine. And, I'm not so sure that's gonna happen. Bummer.

WEEKEND PLANS - My long lost friend Emily and her man are coming in town tonight. She is the one who introduced me to my boyfriend. I miss her soooo. She moved back home to Illinois but she is in town until Monday for Tara's wedding tomorrow. Yay!! So excited!


  1. yeah, we wanted CJ in Jacksonville! But we got Alualu...yeah.

  2. My fave on American Idol is Lee Dewyze :) Have a great weekend!