20 April 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Favorite Items Under $15

I love The Undomestic Momma's Top 2 Tuesday posts and decided to participate this week.

Sidenote: I pride myself in being super computer savvy. I used to excel at making MySpace templates and using HTML to make it all pretty. However, when it comes to this blogging stuff... I am completely clueless and feel as if I'm 85 years old trying to figure out the Internet. It's completely frustrating. Like, when I tried to use The Undomestic Momma's button for this post ... I couldn't figure it out! :(  I must be a retard. I need to go out and purchase "Blogging for Dummies" ... and to be quite honest, I might just do that today. Anyway, if you want to read The Undomestic Momma's blog (and you do because it's fab)... just click on the link above and it will take you there. Sorry for my lack of skills, fellow blog readers. I might catch on one day...

NOW-- onto the favorite items...
Favorite Items Under $15

NUMERO UNO - Bath & Body Works Slatkin & Co Flower Scentportable $5
Seriously? How cute is this thing! It comes in other colors too... the Pineapple Orchid is my favorite.

I use this adorable air freshener in my car. I just click it onto my sun visor and my car is smelling so wonderful for weeks and weeks and weeks. You can't beat $5 and the flower itself is reusable... you just pull out the disc when the scent is gone and pop in a refill. I love them. Also, if you don't like the flower look or want to get your significant other one of these smellgood's because his car smells like a greasy mechanic... they also come in just a plain white circular disc. Good for the whole family!

NUMERO DOS - Paula Deen's The Deen Family Cookbook $15

I love Paula Deen's recipe's! She is the Betty White of Southern cooking. Her Bobby's Pimento Cheese recipe is to die for... well, all of her recipe's are to die for--if you ask me! You can get this book new for $15 on Amazon.com or for $7 used. YUM!


  1. Super cute scent portable thing - I have the original but the pink one is way cuter :)

    too funny, the layout you have was the first one I had when I began my blog ;)

    On Taylor's blog in the right column there is a button with a box with html code in it. You just needed to copy it and paste it into your post and it will magically appear :) Welcome to the wonderful bloggy world!


  2. YAY Paula Deen! LOVE HER!! Great picks

    I am loving your blog its so cute!

  3. oh I need to get both of those! paula deen is so stinkin cute!

  4. I love Paula Deen... I'd gain ten pounds a week with her recipes, though! :)