27 April 2010

keeping you up to date

So, as I posted this weekend... I got the Financial Aid Counselor job at the university. Hooray! I really like it so far. It is super busy... which is what I like about it because the days fly by... so far, anyway. And everyone is soooo nice... I couldn't say nicer things about everyone I've encountered. I have no one to thank but God for making this all work out. I had a tough decision to make; I prayed (along with my entire family--distant cousins and all!) and He led me to make the right decision. I couldn't be more thrilled! They also offered me more money than I thought I would be offered---which was definitely a plus! Now, if I can just make it until May 15th for my first paycheck (which will be for this week only)... so let's make that May 31st--and I will have a spectacular giveaway... I promise! Me and my bestie are already thinking hard about what fabulous thing(s) it could be... hints to come in the near future!

This past weekend was a whirlwind for me. I had friends (Emily & Derek) come into town for our mutual friend's wedding.

They live in Illinois and it was so good to see them--it had been since last summer--but I forgot how exhausting company can be. They wanted to visit many friends and go many places and didn't have a car.... so, I was driving them most of the time. Not to mention there was a wedding... so we had wedding festivities to attend. If that wasn't enough, Emily's birthday was Sunday! I hated to see them go, but I will definitely be glad for a very quiet weekend coming up. Here are some pictures of us this weekend:

AHHH, I was mid laugh. and notice the brown hair--- I'll post before and after pics in a minute.

I made friends with this old guy.
He was passed out cold 10 minutes earlier.
I protected his beer from being stolen by some random dude.

Hanging out in Murrells Inlet for Emily's birthday

a little tourist putt putt

me (making a dumb face of some sort--I swear I'm the least photogenic person in the world)
and Brian

a yummy strawberry daquiri :D 

A few pictures of the wedding below. Congrats to Tara and Jordan Ledford!

OK--so this picture is obviously after I had my hair fixed from the catastrophe...

and this is before...

I can't believe I even went out in public like this.

and this is about two weeks before I went to the never again stylist....

I cannot wait until my stylist's foot is healed and I'm back to this again!!!

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