03 April 2010

happy easter weekend!

Spring is definitely in full swing around here. This is the time of year that I don't really mind living in a tourist town. It has been in the upper 70's-lower 80's all week and I have taken full advantage of my unemployment. I've been at the beach the past three days soaking up the sun. The previous two days I simply went by myself with a good book and stayed for a few hours. But, yesterday I had a group with me--Brian, his co-worker whom I love-Jessie, Jessie's boyfriend Justin, and my friend Veronica. We played beach volleyball and chatted and made friends and had a grand 'ole time. However, before we knew it... we had been out there for nearly seven hours. Talk about a sunburn! We are all feeling the effects of that sun today. Which is a shame, because I planned to be out there all weekend--in moderation, of course. But, there is no way in this world I can go out there again today. My body just couldn't handle it if I tried.

Although my friend Tara moved on Wednesday, she is coming back into town today for her bachelorette party tonight! AND I can't wait... it should be so much fun!! We are meeting at her old house for games and socializing and then moving the party to Broadway at the Beach. I will have to post some pictures later. If I had a job.... I would be out searching for the perfect thing to wear tonight but since I don't.... I must settle for some old thing in my closet.  WAH!

Anywho... HAPPY EASTER!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter tomorrow.


the Easter Bunny kind of scares me after watching Donnie Darko

On a serious note.. let us not forget what the holiday is all about and thank our Lord up above for sacrificing His Son so that we could be saved.

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