20 April 2010


I am having a MAJOR CRISIS & would love to have your input... this may get long winded, so bear with me. As you may or may not know, I have been having the worst time finding a job. Well, go figure... I am now having to make a decision about which job to choose.

Job No. 1) Financial Aid Counselor

I went for this job interview like three weeks ago. I thought it went well but I didn't want to get my hopes up... so I wasn't really surprised when I didn't hear from them right away. I finally heard from them last week and they wanted to know if I was still interested in the position. I told them yes and they said they were going to run my background check and call my references and get back to me. I had listed a good friend of mine who is employed there and called him up to let him know he might get a phone call. He calls the next day (Wednesday) to say they called and that he gave me a great reference and that it sounded like I pretty much had the job. I was stoked. They called again on Friday and asked if I was offered the job when could I start. I told them immediately and she said she'd be in touch. Seconds later, I get a text from another friend of mine who works at one of my previous employers to let me know they had called there. Getting more stoked. However, at the end of the day, when I hadn't heard from them... I started wondering what was the hold up? Still no call on Monday... except from employer number two offering me a job.

Job No. 2) Case Manager at local unemployment office

I went for this job interview like two months ago. Since it is a state/grant funded position... it took forever to get approval and yada yada yada. This job actually pays about $5,000 more a year than the other. The only catch is that it is a temporary position that may or may not end June 31, 2010. That is only like two months from now. So, I could be right back where I started. That is definitely not what I want.

I still hadn't heard about the Financial Aid situation... so I decided to give them a call. After calling alllllll day, I finally get in touch with the lady who interviewed me. I explained my situation to her because the unemployment office wants a decision by noon tomorrow. She explained to me that they are performing a background check that they sent off on Friday... and it could take up to a week to get back. She can't formally offer me the position until HR receives it... but if everything is good with it (which is should be) then the job will be offered to me.

So, I'm in a pickle. If I don't take the job with the unemployment office... and God forbid, something goes wrong and I don't get the job at the university... I'm screwed. OR if I take the job with the unemployment office now... when I could have gotten the job with the university... I could be out of a job and back to square one in two months. AHHHHHHHHH see my problem? Any advice??

****REGARDLESS of where I get a job or when I get a job, I just wanted to let you bloggers know that I will be celebrating by hosting a GIVEAWAY! I'm not really sure what it will be yet... but I've got some great ideas.... so if you aren't yet a follower, you might want to stay tuned because being a follower will definitely be one of the criteria since I'm so new to this & I'm trying to build up an audience :-) FUN STUFF!


  1. Could you get an extension on the state job (ask them to give you a little more time? It seems like they didn't give you much time to decide)? Good luck!