06 April 2010

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Today was one of those days where I just felt down in the dumps. In general. I know I've said it a million times over... but this unemployment period in my life has really got me down. I try really, really hard not to let it get to me because I know that the economy is down and I know that there are a million people applying for the same jobs (who, chances are, are way more qualified.) But, at the same time... as I go on interview after interview after interview... it's hard not to think to myself sometimes, "What am I doing wrong?"

I decided this past weekend that I was bound and determined to find a job this week. No matter what. So, yesterday I spent all day applying for jobs and interviewing for jobs. I went to a job fair at the unemployment office for an HR Assistant position with a hotel. I show up there and she tells me that the job isn't even available yet and she isn't even sure if there will ever be a position. WHY DID I WASTE MY TIME THEN?

After that disappointment, I met my friend Veronica for lunch and she decided she would ride around with me to look for a job. I went so far as to apply for a Beverage Cart Girl position at a local golf course. I applied for a Cocktail Waitress position at a local bar. I stopped by a temp agency and registered there. I even answered a Craig's List ad that I thought was for a "sales assistant" and turns out they wanted me to sell Kirby vaccuum cleaners. Nothing.

I had an interview today at a small medical facility in Loris. It would be nearly a 45 minute drive if I got the position. Only 25 hours a week. But, at least the hours would be good... 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. M-F. It could be something to at least get me to the next place. She said I should know something by the end of the week.

Almost two weeks ago I had a job interview at Coastal Carolina. I didn't mention it because I was super excited about the possibility of working there that I didn't want to jinx it. They said I should hear something by the end of the next week... and that was last Thursday/Friday. I still haven't heard from them, and so I am assuming I didn't get the position. It really, really sucks.

Tomorrow I have a job interview at a grocery store. Yes, a grocery store. I haven't worked in a grocery store in almost five years. I am in no means saying that I am better than working in a grocery store... because I actually enjoyed working there... but, to have gone to school to get my associate's degree... to then work five years doing office work that I hated... to going back to school to get my bachelor's degree so that I wouldn't have to work a job like that... and what is the outcome? I get laid off by current employer because I'm seeking full-time work... can't even find a similar job full-time or part-time... surely can't find a job in my field and now I'm going to be right back where I started. It is really depressing. I feel as if I just wasted years of my life and jeopardized a great opportunity with my past employer and threw money down the drain... only to work at a grocery store again. Go figure.
Story of my life.

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  1. I just found your blog and can totally relate about not being able to find a job! I have my Masters in Education and none of the schools around me are hiring :( The whole state is doing budget cuts and it's so stressful! Hopefully everything will work out and you'll find a job soon!