16 March 2010

wishful shopping.

Ahhhhh, Spring is in the air.

I thought I would post some spring items from Victoria's Secret that I've had my eye on... of course, I can't buy them because... well, i'm JOBLESS. But, enjoy!

pintuck strapless babydoll bra top

I'm allll about babydoll tops that don't show off my stomach.

tie-dyed beach dress

I wasn't sure at first... BUT I like it! & I do live at the beach.....

printed twist front halter

I really love this top... in the purple multicolor. It's so fun.

gold shimmer ruched convertible dress

ha ha ha ha... JUST KIDDING!! Unless I'm planning on getting a job at the Crazy Horse, inappropriate.

i do want this bag though

and...  if I pay $228 for a NECKLACE this ugly, SHOOT ME.

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