08 March 2010

unemployment blows.

i get SO extremely bored sitting around this house all day ALONE with nothing to do but watch bad TV & play farmville. the stupid farmville got to feeling like too much of a "job" to me because i was "planting my crops" around my schedule... so, i deleted it. along with fishville, cafeworld, and every other stupid facebook game. ugh! i just really want a job already.

i still haven't heard back from the unemployment security commission about the position i applied for right before i left for the cruise. i tried calling the lady today to find out if there was a problem with my application or if they hired someone else or what but had to leave a message and haven't gotten a return phone call yet. i also applied today at a resort in north myrtle. it is a position nearly exact as the position i held at garden city but it is mon-fri (NO SATURDAY'S!) and it comes with benefits. that would be nice... considering i've basically already done the job before... i hope that i get called in for an interview soon. something has to start looking up.... has to!

i have a phone interview tomorrow for my unemployment check... to determine if i qualify. if i don't, i seriously don't know what i'm going to do because my tax refund is running out quickly!

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