02 March 2010


i returned from my cruise on saturday but it has seriously taken this long for me to recoop. people really weren't lying when they said i would still feel like i was on a boat the next day -- uh, try like three days. however, they were lying when they said i would not even be able to tell we were moving while on the ship. i felt it the whole time. and it was a big ship. despite all that, i had a GREAT time.

out of our four ports - cozumel, isla roatan - honduras, belize city - belize, and costa maya, mexico.... costa maya was by far my favorite. belize city was by far the worst. it was like third world country on crack over there. i was literally afraid for my life. we only got off the boat for about an hour there because it was so bad. we went power snorkeling in costa maya and it was so much fun! you basically just hold on to this motorized steering wheel that propels you in the water so that you don't have to swim. the water was beautiful.... but the coral reefs were frightening. it was probably my favorite part of the trip. another favorite part was all the wonderful comedians and such. there was also a hypnotist & a magician and they were both very good!

it is good to be home though. except now it is ever apparent that i am jobless & it gets so boring sitting around here waiting for the phone to ring and for something to come through.... lets hope it happens soon!

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