06 March 2010

highly, highly recommend.

it was a sad day earlier this week when i realized that my flat iron had a short in it. it would stay on for maybe six seconds before it would cut off & i'd bang it & it would cut back on for about six more seconds & so on and so forth. i had a chi that i paid $120 for about three years ago. before that, i had the same chi that did the exact same thing about three years earlier. i'm pretty sure that they all do that after so long... especially since i am terrible at keeping the wires untangled and i'm rough with them while carrying them on trips, etc.

well, i am one of those individual's who cannot go without a flat iron. like seriously, i don't know how i survived without one during my teen years. oh wait, yes i do... i just looked hideous. i have very thick, coarse, wavy hair that does not look good scrunched and therefore must be worn straight at all times or up in a bun.

with that being said, i cannot cop out by using one of the el cheapo's from wal-mart or target either. they simply do not work with my hair. kudos to those of you who can... because i only wish i could. so, i decided this go 'round... to buy a different brand. and i had heard great things about the solia's. i thought i would give it a shot. and let me tell you, this flat iron makes my old chi look like it was worth $2, as opposed to the $120. it only took me TEN MINUTES to straighten my hair and it was so soft and looked fabulous!! i am soooooo happy with my purchase. and not only that... but it only cost me $79.99 + FREE SHIPPING.

the website http://www.folica.com/ is well worth using. free shipping and get this --- IT WAS SITTING ON MY DOOR STEP THE NEXT DAY. i purchased it around 11 a.m. online thursday and it was sitting on my doorstep by 3 p.m. on friday. AND IT WAS FREE. i expected to maybeeee get it on tuesday of next week. you can't beat that with a stick. period. end of story. MAJOR PROPS TO BOTH FOLICA.COM & SOLIA for making me extremely happy with my well spent money.

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