02 February 2010

i want, i want, i want (TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2)

lots of things from forever21 right now.


this cute blank slate dress that would be perfect for a lazy (but cute) day at the beach. plus, like the website says... you can do so much with it to spruce it up with accessories and such.

i'm not sure how i feel about these nautical stripe flats. part of me says how adorableeeeeeeee & the other part of me says, jennifer--you would look ridiculous in those! what do YOU think?

how cute & simple is this H21 sequin & bead top?

and sometimes, a lot of times actually... i like wearing stuff that other people think is hideous but makes me feel like a kid. like this stripes & flowers dress. it will make me look like a kid or a grandma, one or the other. but i like it!

1 comment :

  1. the part of you that says those nautical flats are adorable needs to be whopped in the head!! :)