16 January 2010

i a m d y i n g t o d a y.

Work is incredibly slow & I wanna take a nap!

Soooo... what went on this week? It started off really well. Then, as the days went on... the lovely mishaps that are my life started to show their grimy little faces.

Day 1: I got called in for an interview for a job that I really, really, really, like REALLY want. It is on the 25th of this month so keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me & send up all the prayers you can.
Day 2: Nothing really happened except that I was "on call" & the answering service could not get through to me because the last time I had my number changed (another story in itself) Alltel gave me a stupid Mullins number. Which, of course, is long distance here in Horry county. I never corrected that problem & some poor girl was neglected because of it! & I felt sooooo bad!
Day 3: I decided to call Alltel/Verizon to get a new number. I mean, it is pretty inconvenient that my own mother can't call me unless she uses her cell phone. Well, turns out... they couldn't change my number because I was still on an Alltel plan & they had no "Alltel" numbers to give out. Sounds like bologna to me, but whatever. The only option was for me to switch to a Verizon plan, which was fine by me because they moved up my upgrade date & I opted to purchase the Droid. AND they just billed it to me. AND they "overnighted" it. So, I was pretty stoked about that! In addition to this good news, my C came to town to visit me with her newborn baby & we had such a good time shopping & having girl time.
Day 4: Turns out they didn't overnight it because it never arrived. They were sending it to my parents house & they were going out of town the next day, so I got up early to drive over there & wait on the phone. It never came.... won't be here til Monday. BUMMER.
Day 5: I was due to start a refill of my medicine. I was responsible and called my doctor on Monday to call in the refill. Well, I show up at Wal-Mart to pick it up & nope, the stupid lady had not called it it! & their office had already closed for the day. Boy, I was fuming! Fortunately, I was able to work a deal with the lady at Wal-Mart. But, my doctor's office is going to have a not-so-nice message to listen to come Monday morning.

Til then.... XOXO

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